Building trusting relationships

Work out how to maximise your relationships by building trust.


  • A 100-minute learning journey
  • Live and interactive
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Ideal for 4-12 participants
  • PDF playbook included
  • Evidence-based training for stellar learning outcomes

Building trusting relationships at work is critical to engagement, productivity and overall health and satisfaction. Sometimes this trust can develop over time, but other times we need to establish a high level of trust more quickly. In these circumstances, having the skills and knowledge to navigate these crucial relationships confidently is essential to building a productive working relationship.

So, how can we do this?

In this virtual workshop, we consider the different types of trust that are required in a variety of working relationships and the component parts that can help you to build these more effectively. We explore how presence can help you to make the best possible first impression and begin building trust right from the start of a relationship. You will also have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to your own real-world experiences and identify steps you can take to improve trust within your existing working relationships. 

Whether you’re looking to form more trusting relationships with team members, managers, direct reports or customers, you’ll leave armed with the skills and tools to begin building!

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Establishing trust is important in building productive working relationships.
  • We can use presence to begin building trust right from the first impression.
  • The Trust Equation can be a useful tool for identifying where trust may break down and what actions we can take to rebuild it.


  • There are important benefits to building trusting workplace relationships.
  • There are potential costs of that trust breaking down.
  • They have the skills and knowledge required to identify areas of concern and improve trust within existing working relationships.


  • Practice applying learning to existing working relationships.
  • Identify relationships where the type and/or level of trust may need to be adjusted.
  • Use the Trust Equation to identify actions that can be taken to build more productive and trusting working relationships.

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“The tone and level it was pitched is very good and the additional information was very useful around strengths and weakness and autonomy.”
Jonathan Ogilvie - Senior Engineer within the Water Group of BuroHappold

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