Coaching toolkit

Understand the fundamentals of coaching to start your development journey.


  • A 100-minute learning journey
  • Live and interactive
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Ideal for 4-12 participants
  • PDF playbook included
  • Evidence-based training for stellar learning outcomes

Coaching is a key skill for managers and leaders.

You may well have already learnt about GROW and be comfortable with asking open questions. Now, you want to expand your coaching repertoire and learn a range of tools that really work.

These ten tools will enable you and your coachees to:

  • Easily identify where more support or focus is needed
  • Reframe difficulties and challenges
  • Generate ideas and options
  • Solve problems and make decisions

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“Great level of engagement. The workshops had my full attention for more than 1 hour with no breaks. This is a great achievement!”
Xènia Sitjà - Communications & Community Outreach Officer at ELIXIR

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Carbon reduction

36 trainers have, to date, been upskilled for delivering virtual workshops. Trainers now report enjoying delivering virtual workshops.