Facilitating virtual and hybrid meetings

Build a toolkit to run great meetings in virtual and hybrid settings.


  • A 100-minute learning journey
  • Live and interactive
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Ideal for 4-12 participants
  • PDF playbook included
  • Evidence-based training for stellar learning outcomes

As flexible working increases and meeting platforms become more advanced, virtual and hybrid meetings can be powerful tools. They’re convenient, easy to set up and allow us to draw minds together from all over the world.

However, they do require a different approach to in-person meetings and without the right facilitation, they can be a major source of frustration! Technology can fail, distractions abound and the ease with which they can be arranged can lead to unnecessary engagements and wasted time. Facilitating these meetings requires an intentional approach to planning and delivery to ensure fairness, interaction and collaboration.

So how can we reap the benefits of virtual and hybrid meetings whilst avoiding the pitfalls?

This virtual workshop uses current research and practical tips to help participants discover more effective ways to deliver virtual and hybrid meetings. We explore how to plan and structure a meeting to ensure that the right people are present, focused and engaged; how to establish meeting guidelines and etiquette so that misunderstandings can be avoided; and how to build-in interactive processes that keep everyone involved.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • There are benefits and challenges to virtual and hybrid meetings.
  • These challenges can be managed with the right approach to planning and facilitation.
  • By setting explicit expectations for virtual and hybrid meetings, they can establish an appropriate, fair and productive virtual etiquette.


  • Virtual and hybrid meetings can be a powerful tool for collaboration.
  • It is worth taking the time to plan and structure virtual and hybrid meetings to ensure that collaborative time is not wasted.
  • They have the knowledge and skills to deliver more productive and engaging meetings.


  • Apply learning to their own real-world situations to find what does and does not work within the specific context of their team.
  • Be more intentional with scheduling, preparing and delivering virtual and hybrid meetings.
  • Identify steps they can take to facilitate more successful virtual and hybrid meetings.

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“I found that Tom had a very good understanding of human nature, and how the mind works especially in the work environment. Realistic ideas were offered which was very refreshing.”
Phyllida Hallidie - Personal Assistant to ELIXIR Director

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