Build your creative genius by improving your idea generation capacity.


  • A 100-minute learning journey
  • Live and interactive
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Ideal for 4-12 participants
  • PDF playbook included
  • Evidence-based training for stellar learning outcomes

Without ideas, there is no innovation.

Idea generation is a core element of problem-solving and continuous improvement. However, there’s more to it than mind maps on a flipchart.

So, if you want to generate a diverse range of realistic ideas, this workshop is for you.

It’ll teach you how to:

  • Disrupt your thinking to generate obscure (but profitable and productive) ideas
  • Master different ideation tools
  • Facilitate productive ideation sessions that are both focused and free
  • Explore ways to adapt the ideation tools to your situation

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“Great delivery, practical tips and enough time to discuss them and think about how to use them.”
Heidi Burrows - Regulatory Director at AB Vista

Case Studies


Training Material Conversion

This Multi-national Distribution Group Already Had High-quality Training Materials For The Development Of Their Senior Staff, But These Were Optimized For Face-to-face Sessions.