The basics of cognitive bias

Learn about your brain to positively affect your daily working outcomes.


  • A 100-minute learning journey
  • Live and interactive
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Ideal for 4-12 participants
  • PDF playbook included
  • Evidence-based training for stellar learning outcomes

Understanding how our brains work has never been more crucial.

Bias and judgment is a fundamental part of the brain's unconscious architecture. For much of our life, it helps us. Simply because it stops us having to re-learn the world every day.

However, when used on each other, the same bias can be highly destructive. Sadly, online marketing looks to undermine our free will with a “race to the bottom of the brain stem”.

This workshop is a short, deep dive into how the brain works:

  • A tour of the brain
  • Conscious vs unconscious - which is in charge?
  • Encounter the key biases that run our lives
  • How the brain can be hacked
  • The link between bias and prejudice

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“I found that Tom had a very good understanding of human nature, and how the mind works especially in the work environment. Realistic ideas were offered which was very refreshing.”
Phyllida Hallidie - Personal Assistant to ELIXIR Director

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