A-Z of our Workshops

Our virtual workshops

Here’s the full list of our virtual workshops in alphabetical order.

Develop your listening skills to higher levels to help build relationships

Learn how to be assertive and confident in all situations.

Work out how to get your stuff done more easily and effectively.

Make good decisions based on understanding your biases.

Create wonderful and memorable customer journeys.

Develop your team to deliver its highest potential performance.

Work out how to maximise your relationships by building trust.

Create conversations that help to build and support others' careers.

Prepare for and successfully conclude your challenging conversations.

Help your teams to become change-agile for modern times.

Become the best coach that you can be, without fear.

Develop your methodology for having powerful coaching conversations.

Upskill yourself to develop longer term coaching relationships.

Build your capability in coaching others during times of change.

Learn how to coach as a mentor with humility and purpose.

Help others to learn to thrive in challenging times.

Develop your team's coaching skills to optimise their outputs.

Help accelerate and promote development in others.

Understand the fundamentals of coaching to start your development journey.

Learn ways to help your team to u-turn their performance effectively.

Maximise your outputs by being a world class collaborator.

Begin your journey of communication development.

Uplift your world by learning ways to build your confidence and presence.

Learn how to handle, manage and reduce conflict in the workplace.

Develop ways to build brilliant relationships with your customers.

Build your empowerment skills by learning how to give genuine autonomy.

Get the best from your team by helping them to innovate successfully.

Create superior mindsets to develop better customer relationships.

Learn ways to make quality decisions that will help you succeed.

Become a top quality presenter in the new norm of virtual presentations.

Finish your customer interactions on a high like never before.

Use empathy to understand your customer's world.

Build a toolkit to run great meetings in virtual and hybrid settings.

Learn how to seek out and use feedback to develop yourself.

Become more proactive and learn how to reduce procrastination.

Develop ways to give feedback that delivers improved outcomes.

Get going with setting goals which inspire, energise and motivate.

Learn ways to be a life long learner in the workplace.

Develop your happiness, wellbeing and positivity whilst at work.

Get the best from your time working remotely.

Build your creative genius by improving your idea generation capacity.

Understand the importance and outcomes of successful inclusion.

Whether big-bang or incremental - become better at innovating.

Up your game at leading change from the front.

Develop methods to learn from the past to improve the future.

Understand how to deploy the skills and strengths you have.

Make life easy for your customers via the conversations you have.

Lead with excellence by learning how to manage your and others' emotions.

Build your capability and skills in managing change environments.

Become better at navigating successfully through times of change.

Manage your managers to develop relationships that work.

Get to grips with managing virtual teams from the start.

Handle difficult customer conversations brilliantly.

Understand yourself and others to build the best relationships possible.

Develop ways to improve your wellbeing in challenging environments.

Negotiate like never before by building your skills and capability.

Learn effective ways to become networked in the modern age.

Build a toolkit of fundamental approaches for the developing manager.

Get proactive with your customers to avoid future problems.

Learn ways to coach your team effectively to improve their performance.

Develop ways to build your brand and make it work for you.

Get ready for your appraisal to make it work best for you.

Become the best you can in making your projects successful.

Learn ways to build great relationships by using empathy and flex.

Build your skills in mending broken relationships.

Learn ways to cope and thrive in today's world.

Skillfully plan and deliver one-to-ones that work.

Deliver successful projects through quality stakeholder relationships.

Stories work - learn how to construct and deliver them effectively.

Work out how to be a powerful motivator for your team.

Look after the wellbeing of your team during challenging times.

Become a delegator extraordinaire for you and your team.

Learn about your brain to positively affect your daily working outcomes.

Develop ways to make your customer interactions both easy and effective.

Get the key principles of how to influence and persuade skillfully.

Develop ways to make the start of your customers' journey a 'wow'.

Develop methods for being effective with time when working remotely.

Develop your leadership credibility, confidence and culture.

Make your customers' interactions memorable, exciting and meaningful.

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