Advanced management skills: mastering emotional intelligence

Our programme has been designed to transform your middle managers into strategic, emotionally intelligent leaders.

Max 12 participants
6 months


On your business

  • Enhanced strategic planning: On completion of our ‘Advanced management skills’ programme, your managers will drive long-term business growth with their forward-thinking approach.
  • Increased innovation: High-performing, collaborative teams foster creativity and innovation.
  • Stronger employee engagement: Engaged employees are more motivated and committed to achieving business goals.
  • Reduced turnover: Emotionally intelligent leadership leads to higher employee retention, reducing hiring costs and maintaining continuity.

As a result of this programme participants will

  • Transition from operational tasks to a strategic, future-focused mindset.
  • Develop critical emotional intelligence skills for better self and interpersonal management.
  • Establish a psychologically safe work environment that inspires and engages employees.
  • Create resilient, motivated, high-performing teams.

Why emotional intelligence?

  • Retention: Employees with high-EQ managers were 4x less likely to leave than those with low-EQ managers.
  • Performance: 92% of leaders with strong emotional self-awareness lead high-energy, high-performing teams.
  • Engagement: Manager EQ accounts for 76% of the variation in team engagement.

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

The role of a middle manager has changed. It’s gone way beyond technical expertise and operational oversight. Today, it’s about balancing management skills with decisive leadership to read and respond to the many people and performance-based challenges they face daily. In short, middle managers are more pivotal to the success of an organisation than ever before and their role has become infinitely more complex.

Our advanced management skills programme has been designed to help your managers master emotional intelligence (EQ) – enabling them to adapt their management style so that their teams can succeed.

Bridging the gap between day-to-day management and strategic leadership, this programme shows your managers how to lead their teams with purpose and empathy, bringing out the best in those around them.

Leading with emotional intelligence will help them build stronger relationships, manage their teams’ performance more effectively and achieve more together now and into the future. EQ is a non-negotiable core skill for managers, and our programme will help them master it with the same dedication as any other professional competence.

Who will benefit?

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket

First time managers

who want to learn how to navigate the complexities of team leadership, foster a positive work environment, and drive strategic initiatives from the outset.

Female experienced manager smiling

Experienced managers

keen to refine their ability to manage diverse teams, foster innovation, and lead with a strategic, forward-thinking approach.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about our Advanced management skills programme? Why not book an appointment with us today to find out if this programme is suitable for your managers?

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