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Advanced virtual train the trainer

Our advanced virtual train the trainer masterclasses focus on building intrigue behind the scenes, deepening conversations with thought-provoking questions, and combining live training with asynchronous methods for a blended, more holistic learning experience.

Max 8 participants

Want to take your virtual training skills to the next level?

Are you a graduate of one of our TTT programmes? Or a virtual training pro who wants to take their skills to the next level? Well then you’re in the right place! Our suite of advanced virtual train the trainer masterclasses have been designed to give experienced trainers the tools and techniques to the win the fight for learners’ attention.

Check out our growing list of advanced virtual train the trainer masterclasses below:

Virtual workshop

Accessible virtual training

Different learning requirements and neurodiversity amongst your learners, requires careful consideration in how you provide virtual training.

Virtual workshop

Blended learning

There is significant research promoting the benefits of blended learning including improved transfer to cost savings. And yet in 2021 only 17% of organisations were offering blended learning solutions according to this CIPD report.

Virtual workshop

Deeper questioning for deeper learning

In this workshop, participants will be shown the science driving different levels of deepening learning and deliver better learner outcomes.

Virtual workshop

Designing for webinars

Webinars are a cost effective and efficient approach for reaching many learners at the same time. Where they lose their impact is when the design and delivery isn’t adapted for a larger audience where participants can easily be distracted to multi-task.

Virtual workshop


The results are in… gamification works! Explore the science behind how gamification enhances the learner experience and motivation to further embed learning.

Virtual workshop

It starts before it starts

Research suggests that poor preparation and set up of learning interventions can be responsible for up to 40% of the factors that diminish learning transfer.

Who will benefit?

girl holding laptop

Training facilitators

keen to take their virtual training skills to the next level and enhance learning transfer.

man with glasses working

Instructional designers

who want to design virtual training that captures and maintains the attention of their learners.

Virtual whiteboarding provides a really good method of facilitating learning, without this session I wouldn't have known the diverse array of different ways they can be used.

MattThe Compliance People

Implementing these new ideas and reinforcing the ones that I already have will surely result in a better learning experience for my trainees in their sales onboarding.


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