Experienced manager training programme

An experienced manager knows the basics. They know how to manage workload, how to give feedback and how to communicate with their team. But for managers who want to take their team to the next level – is this enough?

Max 8 participants
4-6 months


On your business

  • Increased productivity for teams – with good leadership, better wellbeing and performance boosting strategies in place, productivity throughout the team, and therefore business, is immediately increased.
  • Business growth – building teams that are innovative, forward thinking and empowered is key to better idea generation, diversity of outcomes and company growth as a whole
  • Better team relations – managers come away from our ‘Experienced manager training programme’ with a better understanding of what is needed to foster good relations and communications throughout their team, ensuring each member can perform to their best.

As a result of this programme participants will

  • Identify high performance strategies and how these can be embedded within a team.
  • Build better communication strategies, including conflict handling and coaching.
  • Learn how to foster a culture empowerment and authenticity throughout the team.
  • Have the ability to incorporate strategies in order to build innovative thinking and ways of working into the team.
  • Identify why change within teams may be challenging and how best to manage this.

Learning activities

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Online resources

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Action plan

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Want to know more?

Knowing the fundamentals is great, but to build high performing, motivated teams, managers need to be able to adapt and respond to changes and help navigate their teams through the challenges and opportunities they present. Building on the experience managers already have, our ‘Experienced manager training programme’ will help managers build the skills that are key in making the difference between good and great teams.

The programme starts with a self-assessment to identify what each participant feels they want to get out of the session, ensuring the programme is focused on individual goals and tailored to each participant.

Six group virtual instructor led workshops, each exploring a different theme central to great management are at the heart of this training programme. These workshops incorporate practical tips, are backed by science, and provide an in depth understanding for managers on specific strategies and methodologies they can implement with their teams.

The ‘Experienced manager training programme’ is supported by a series of self-led learning which builds on the knowledge gained during workshops and is designed to embed the training received. Self-led learning activities provide insight and context to the workshops, enabling participants to tailor the workshop to suit their own goals.

Who will benefit?

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket


wanting to build a high performing team and needing to further develop their skills as a manager to take their team from good to great.

Female experienced manager smiling

Experienced managers

keen to refresh their management skills around some of the more complex areas of the role.

Want to learn more?

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