Leadership development programme

Being a leader can be equally challenging and rewarding. With team members looking to them as a role model, for guidance, support and direction, the pressure is on! Leaders have a responsibility to foster an environment that promotes productivity, motivation, and the wellbeing of everyone in the team — but it can be difficult to know how to put this into action.

Max 8 participants
4-6 months


On your business

  • Growth throughout the business — teams where diversity is fostered, and change is encouraged, will produce innovative and creative outcomes, which directly translates to growth throughout the business.
  • Focused outcomes — having good leadership is essential to the whole team having a laser focus, delivering, and achieving, company outcomes and goals.
  • Build creativity — by ensuring psychological safety and inclusivity are corner stones of the team, this fosters an environment that encourages a diverse and greater range of ideas and outcomes.

As a result of this programme participants will

  • Learn how to build confidence and credibility in themselves as a leader by discovering key leadership strategies that they can embed into their work — so that they feel capable in leading a successful team.
  • Discover their own style of leadership, and how they can develop it to be the best leader possible.
  • Understand and be able to implement strategies to build teams that are an inclusive, empowering and psychologically safe space — ensuring all members can thrive.
  • Have the skills to lead change successfully within their team.

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

Our leadership development programme focuses on three key pillars which help develop participants to become the leader they want to be. It encourages participants to look inwards first — discovering their own personal leadership style, before looking outwards to explore how to incorporate the best strategies with their team.

The workshop starts with a self-assessment to identify what each participant feels they want to get out of the session, ensuring the leadership development programme is focused on individual goals and tailored to each participant.

Each of the three pillars is explored in depth in a series of virtual workshops, which equips participants with the knowledge, practical skills and insight to embed the top leadership practices into their work.

The leadership development programme is brought together by a process of self-led learning.  This involves tasks that build on the knowledge gained from the virtual workshops and is designed to embed the training received. They provide insight and context to the workshops, enabling participants to tailor the workshop to suit their own goals.

Who will benefit?

Male emerging leader wearing a suit with a relaxed and confident smile.

Emerging leaders

thinking about how they can shape their own leadership journey to become the leader they aspire to be.


looking to develop their own style and understanding of what it means to be a leader so they can continue to lead their teams through changing times towards success.

Want to learn more?

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