New manager programme

Being a first-time manager is often daunting and exciting in equal measures. Transitioning into a role where they are responsible for a team of people can often leave managers feeling out of their depth, with lots of unanswered questions.

Max 12 participants
4-6 months


On your business

  • Reduce costs — unskilled, underconfident managers going in to roles is a drain on money, resources and time. Upskilling managers before they enter their role is a great way to save resources
  • Better wellbeing throughout — our workshops ensure managers built on good communication, authenticity and inclusivity, ensuring members feel respected and valued within their role.
  • Building high performance teams — managers with the ability to lead successfully build teams who are motivated, effective and productive.

As a result of this programme participants will

  • Gain the skills needed to confidently manage both their own and their team’s workload.
  • Have the ability to have productive and meaningful conversations with other team members and stakeholders.
  • Be upskilled in the fundamentals of great performance management, including providing feedback to other team members.
  • Learn how to set goals for both themselves and their team mates that both challenge and allow them to grow.

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

Every manager wants their team to be a safe, productive, and positive space — but what is the best way to achieve this? Through this new manager programme, first-time managers will gain the practical skills they need to manage their teams successfully. Participants will come away feeling prepared and ready to succeed in their new role.

The new manager programme starts with a self-assessment to identify what each participant feels they want to get out of the session, ensuring the programme is focused on individual goals and tailored to each participant.

A series of in depth and insightful virtual workshops centred around each topic, enhanced by self-led learning, enables participants to gain practical skills and strategies.

With tasks that build on the knowledge gained from the virtual workshops, designed to embed the training received, they provide insight and context to the workshops, enabling participants to tailor the workshop to suit their own goals. By the end of the new manager programme, participants feel prepared and confident in their new role as a first-time manager.

Who will benefit?

Female smiling broadly at her promotion to new manager

New managers

new in role and wanting to learn the skills they need to manage their teams successfully.

Want to learn more?

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