Creating Learning Mindsets for the ‘New Normal’

This webinar for Learning at Work week, is designed to help you build a team of lifelong learners, dive into a learning mindset and plan your L&D strategies despite an unpredictable future!

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May 19, 2021 | 12:00:00 BST
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It’s been a year of change for the working world. Identify how learning & development opportunities are shifting with a focus on the new hybrid working norm. We’ll explore the recent science of learning and consider what the post lockdown L&D world may look like.

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Whether you’re an L&D professional or a leader looking to provide the best support possible, we’ll share ideas and insights that you can use to help your teams build curiosity, resourcefulness and develop collaboration in a hybrid world.

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Discover creative and efficient methods for adapting your post-covid development programmes and strategies in a flexible, hybrid environment.

Build a team of lifelong learners!

We know that becoming a lifelong learner promotes career success. Over a year into the pandemic and we’ve all adapted into a ‘new norm’ which seems to change every few weeks... and it can be exhausting. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that learning can lose its priority.

As remote and hybrid working looks like it’s here to stay, how can we adapt our development plans to suit all our learners in varying locations and also continue to drive our personal learning?

What makes a VTT webinar special?

It’s a webinar with style, after all we are the Home of Virtual Training! You need to be participating to get the most from our sessions, because we get you involved from the get-go and your input drives our direction!

Training design from the ground up

Key Topics

  • Resourcefulness

    We will be exploring how you can find quick and clever ways to overcome the challenges to driving learning and development in your organisation.

  • Collaboration

    With many of us working remotely, and in the future in a hybrid work set-up, collaboration can be tricky. We want to share you how your team can become self-led learners and collaborate effectively whilst working virtually.

  • Habits

    By the end of our webinar, you'll be ready to show your team how to create new habits and seek out learning opportunities for themselves.

  • Mindsets

    We want to share with you the latest thinking on growth mindsets and how this relates to your current learning plans.

  • Planning

    Talking of learning plans, we want to help you consider your development plans and find creative and efficient ways of meeting the needs of your teams!

Catherine Nicholson

About Catherine

Catherine has been living and breathing virtual training for the last 15 years! As an expert coach, she brings these years of experience and LOVE of all things virtual to her webinars.

Leading a team through the last year and into a strange new normal hasn’t been easy! As it begins to look like hybrid and virtual working are here to stay, we need to figure out how to support our teams to grow and develop, not just to keep their heads above water. Personal wellbeing, assertiveness, resilience and an ability to cope with change have never been more important. We love delivering virtual events and hope you’ll let US help YOU to support your teams.

See you there!”

Catherine Nicholson

About The Virtual Training Team

Coach-led, virtual training is the future. Our founders, John and Catherine, saw this coming years ago!

In 2015, they used their 10+ years of virtual training expertise to develop the Virtual Training Team (VTT) to help companies and trainers transition to virtual quickly and confidently.

5 years later, this is still the VTT mission!

We know that making the switch to virtual training isn't easy. There's technology to get to grips with, a whole new dynamic when coaching through a computer screen, and the challenges of converting face-to face content into a format that works in the virtual world. We are here to help.

We’ve been at the forefront of virtual training for over a decade and have delivered to people in over 70 countries. Some of our coaches have well over 10,000 hours of virtual training delivery under their belts. This means you’re in safe hands.

Your success is our success, so we’ll do whatever it takes to get you over the line.

Training design from the ground up