Design a Better Future
- From Coping to Crushing It

Coping is so 2021. Let’s shake things up! Why cope, when you could thrive?

While bedrooms as workspaces, ironing boards as desks and pyjamas as the height of office fashion may have got us through the last two years, these temporary coping strategies aren’t going to hold up forever. Imagine if we continued living and working this way for the next two years. It could have long term implications for health, happiness and productivity – is this what we want? As we approach the two-year anniversary of the first lockdown, it’s time to wonder – what do we want our working lives to look like?

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Feb 23, 2022 | 12:00:00 GMT
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Take Control

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen us all living in a world outside our control. Our surge capacity is depleted, burnout is on the rise and many of us are just plain over it. It’s time to find ways to take control and shape our future!

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Build a Blueprint for the Future

For the last two years, we’ve avoided long-term planning – but our world has changed forever and it’s time to embrace that. Create blueprints to allow your people to become the architects of their own working lives and make your ‘new normal’ the permanent normal they want.

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Enough is Enough, Find your Sparkle

Prolonged uncertainty and ever-shifting plans have taken the shine off many aspects of our lives. Support your people to move beyond resilience and embrace the challenges and opportunities of this new world. We’re over just coping, it’s time to thrive and rediscover our sparkle!

Design your own future – and help your teams shape theirs

With financial and sustainability benefits for organisations and improved work-life balance for employees, remote and hybrid working are here to stay. They’re not a temporary fix anymore and it’s time for a major mindset shift. Reignite your team’s creativity and curiosity to build a remote working infrastructure that will help them to thrive well into the future.

Training design from the ground up

Key Topics

  • Creativity and innovation

    Working in the same place, interacting with less people, and having our own views positively reinforced on social media has led to us all starting to live in an echo chamber without even realising it. We can stimulate creativity with small changes to our physical environments, interacting with different people, and alternative views, to get new perspectives and encourage new ideas.

  • Find your sparkle

    Living with extreme uncertainty has taken its toll on our wellbeing. While we can’t eradicate uncertainty, we can support people to build systems that will help them to thrive – from creating an environment and community that support their working lives to boosting physical health and mental wellbeing.

  • Tech harmony

    How aware are you of how you interact with the digital world every day? Our use of technology has huge advantages, but also implications for our health and wellbeing. How digitally intelligent are you? Do you really know how many hours you spend staring at screens every day? How savvy are you at making the digital world work for you rather than letting it control you? Find out how to manage your use of technology and help your team shape their own digital futures.

Catherine Nicholson

About Catherine

Catherine has been living and breathing virtual training for the last 15 years! As an expert coach, she brings her experience along with client insights and her LOVE of all things virtual to her webinars.

“It feels like we have been living in a state of ‘temporary’ for the last 2 years, waiting to ‘get back to normal’.  I have news for you...  some people might be heading back into the office, but life will still never be the same again!  And yet, we still can’t predict for sure what the next 2 years will hold for us.  This can be a hugely positive opportunity though, especially when we encourage ourselves and colleagues to truly embrace the future and take control back.  I want to share with you how we can shape the next couple of years to be at our most productive and happiest selves.  See you at the webinar to find out how 😊"

Catherine Nicholson 

Director, The Virtual Training Team.

Catherine Nicholson

About The Virtual Training Team


Coach-led, virtual training is the future. Our founders, John and Catherine, saw this coming years ago!

In 2015, they used their 10+ years of virtual training expertise to develop the Virtual Training Team (VTT) to help companies and trainers transition to virtual quickly and confidently.

5 years later, this is still the VTT mission!

We know that making the switch to virtual training isn't easy. There's technology to get to grips with, a whole new dynamic when coaching through a computer screen, and the challenges of converting face-to face content into a format that works in the virtual world. We are here to help.

We’ve been at the forefront of virtual training for over a decade and have delivered to people in over 70 countries. Some of our coaches have well over 10,000 hours of virtual training delivery under their belts. This means you’re in safe hands.

Your success is our success, so we’ll do whatever it takes to get you over the line.

Training design from the ground up