The Curious Power of Play

We are playful, spontaneous, and carefree as children, always looking for new experiences to grow and expand our imagination.  
As adults we are weighted down by responsibilities. With busy schedules full of deadlines, meetings, and never-ending to-do lists, play isn't exactly high on our list of priorities. 
However, what we often fail to realise is that we were born to play. It's a part of our biology. For early man our very survival even depended on it. We’ve forgotten that play makes us happy - it allows us to disconnect, express ourselves uninhibitedly and relate to one another. We know that play can even speed up learning, enhance our cognitive abilities, memory and even our productivity.  
So, isn't it time for L&D to bring back the power of play? If you could let your imagination run wild and embrace your curiosity, what impact would that have on you personally and professionally? Consider a challenge you're facing at work - we all know that complex problems require creative solutions… 
So how do we do it? Well, play can be built into what we do every day, how we interact, how we learn and grow. Play is action, and it is also a mindset. In this unique gamified webinar, we will explore these themes and help you bring ‘purposeful play’ to the L&D in your organisation.

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May 18, 2022 | 12:00:00 BST
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The Case for Play

Learn about the science of why we play: from the benefits to early man and hunter gathers, to our curiosity in childhood leading us to be voracious learners. We will share the latest research and delve into the advantages of play for adults at work, as well as related areas of L&D.

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Innovation & Curiosity

The world is changing, and companies are adopting new ways of working. As an L&D professional your role is not only to support your business in making the necessary adjustments to adapt, but also to show your employees how they can be innovative too. Joined by Imagine If Creativity Coach, Cat Hase, our learning design experts will discuss how you can ensure your L&D offering and training experiences help your teams innovate without limitations.

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An important part of play is exploration. Our webinar takes place in a dedicated VTT virtual playground hosted on Remo. Together with other participants, you’ll have the chance to explore this virtual platform and share your experience of the latest L&D tools and tech.

Learning Objectives

With the help of one of the world’s most played games, (though we’ll be using the prestigious VTT Edition obviously 😎), we will guide you through the following: 

🧬 The Science of Play 

Discover the origins and benefits of play and their persuading stats. 

🎇 Reignite the Need to Play 

Learn how to motivate your team to play more and get them curious to learn.  

🎟 Implementation of Play 

Determine how you can build ‘purposeful play’ into your L&D programmes, workshops and activities. 

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    "Great presentation with fab demos of different tools and approaches. Really practical."

    Average NPS score 9.25

  • The New Normal

    "Catherine, you always deliver outstanding, thought-provoking sessions - thank you."

    "You are always cutting edge with your research and always leave me thinking."

    "Opportunity to step away from the day job and think creatively. Also, an abundance of tips and resources to take away and use - thanks!"

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  • L&D – The Leap Years

    "Well structured, extremely engaging and very insightful."

    "As per usual another Catherine masterclass backed up with research...This session has made me really start to consider the short and long term of L&D and my role - Thank you."

    "What I love about VTT webinars is they always challenge my beliefs and are happy to share their research on topics that are relevant to me."

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Catherine Nicholson

About Catherine

Catherine has been living and breathing virtual training for the last 15 years! As an expert coach and award-winning learning designer, she brings her experience along with client insights and her LOVE of all things virtual to her webinars.

About The Virtual Training Team

Coach-led, virtual training is the future. Our founders, John and Catherine, saw this coming years ago! 

In 2017, they used their 10+ years of virtual training expertise to develop the Virtual Training Team (VTT) to help companies and trainers transition to virtual quickly and confidently. 

5 years later, this is still the VTT mission! 

We know that making the switch to virtual training isn't easy. There's technology to get to grips with, a whole new dynamic when coaching through a computer screen, and the challenges of converting face-to face content into a format that works in the virtual world. We are here to help. 

We’ve been at the forefront of virtual training for over a decade and have delivered to people in over 70 countries. Some of our coaches have well over 10,000 hours of virtual training delivery under their belts. This means you’re in safe hands. 

Your success is our success, so we’ll do whatever it takes to get you over the line.

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