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Become a virtual training maestro with our train the trainer programmes and deliver interactive learning experiences that keep your participants engaged for maxed-out learning results.

Want to captivate audiences and advance your virtual training career?

Are you new to the world of L&D and looking to become a highly skilled virtual trainer? Or are you an experienced trainer fighting for the attention of your audience? If so, our virtual training academy programmes have been designed for experienced and aspiring virtual trainers like you.

We know that you’re busy but eager to deliver virtual training like a pro, and achieve world-class results for your clients, so our team have done all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve done all the research, tested our theories and developed new and improved ways of designing and delivering virtual training so you don’t have to!

Our programmes are practical, engaging, and full to the brim with actionable tips, tools and resources so that you can start delivering exceptional training for your participants from day one.

What we can do for you

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Virtual train the trainer: supercharged 1-day programme

This intensive TTT is for busy individuals who need big results quickly. We’ve curated the best bits of our 5-week programme into 1 super focused, practical day.

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Virtual train the trainer programme

In this 5-week programme, you’ll learn how to virtualise your training brilliance to deliver the exciting, live and interactive virtual learning experiences your participants deserve.

Advanced virtual train the trainer masterclasses

Are you a graduate of one of our TTT programmes? Or a virtual training pro who wants to take their skills to the next level? Our advanced train the trainer masterclasses focus on building intrigue behind the scenes, deepening conversations with thought-provoking questions, and combining live training with asynchronous methods for a blended, more holistic learning experience.

What to expect

All of our training academy virtual train the trainer programmes and masterclasses have these elements at their core:

  • Principles, processes, and tools of virtual design, delivery and interaction
  • Live personalised critiques from our training experts
  • Lifetime access to our global trainer network
  • An all-you-can-eat buffet of additional resources and templates

What our clients have to say

We wanted to be the gold standard of delivering virtual training — and now we are!

Jane BanksBaxter Healthcare

It's hard to narrow down it’s good points. The warm, welcoming nature of the coach helped right from the start. There was a lot of good information, new ways to think about the interactions during training and how to better use available tools.

Train the trainer participant

Our virtual TTT training

Show me:

Learning theory fundamentals

The act of learning is something that transcends generations, cultures and societies. When everything is centred around the learner and their needs, it considers the optimal conditions for learning based on the five key learning methodologies.


Accessible virtual training

Different learning requirements and neurodiversity amongst your learners, requires careful consideration in how you provide virtual training.


Blended learning

There is significant research promoting the benefits of blended learning including improved transfer to cost savings. And yet in 2021 only 17% of organisations were offering blended learning solutions according to this CIPD report.


Deeper questioning for deeper learning

In this workshop, participants will be shown the science driving different levels of deepening learning and deliver better learner outcomes.


Designing for webinars

Webinars are a cost effective and efficient approach for reaching many learners at the same time. Where they lose their impact is when the design and delivery isn’t adapted for a larger audience where participants can easily be distracted to multi-task.



The results are in… gamification works! Explore the science behind how gamification enhances the learner experience and motivation to further embed learning.


It starts before it starts

Research suggests that poor preparation and set up of learning interventions can be responsible for up to 40% of the factors that diminish learning transfer.


Technical training slides

Delivering product-specific, scientific and specialist topics means sharing lots of technical detail with learners. Get to grips with working with content heavy topics in this masterclass.


Mastering hybrid training

Hybrid working is the new norm – so it follows that much of an individual’s learning will need to be offered in a hybrid way too. Whether your participants are in-person and virtual, the facilitator is virtual and the learners are in person together, or any other combination – we have you covered.


Masterpiece slide decks

There is both an art and a science to creating virtual slide decks that help to deliver learning transfer by being visually appealing, functional and practical. In this masterclass we share how to create slide decks that avoid cognitive overload, are accessible to different learner requirements and aid focus and memory recall.


Learning transfer

The purpose of most training interventions is to create a behaviour change. When designing our learning outcomes we ought to be considering the specific actions they should be taking in order to transfer the learning they take from training and apply it.


Dealing with difficult participants

We love participants coming to virtual training with differing personalities and quirks.  Sometimes though small quirks can interfere with the group dynamics or success of a learning experience.

Want to master virtual training, and deliver next-level learning experiences for your clients?

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