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Advanced listening skills

Communication is a two-part process and only when we sharpen our listening skills and adopt a receptive mindset can we truly understand the information we receive.

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Agile working

Agile working is an incremental and iterative way of working that allows and encourages team members to be more responsive, to flex and adapt to challenges quickly.

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Being assertive can be a challenge for many of us and finding the appropriate way is not always easy. Sometimes practical advice and approaches to being assertive is exactly what we need.

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Being an effective meeting participant

This workshop explores how you can be an effective meeting participant, and learn what you can do to support engagement and productivity.

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Being authentic

We know that diversity and inclusion are so important in the workplace. However, it can be difficult to nurture diversity if employees don’t feel able to be their authentic selves.

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Being proactive

Being proactive is a behaviour that we know to be a key differentiator for performance, and one that business leaders highly value.

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Building high performance teams

Teams that perform well are self-motivated, accountable, and driven. High-performing teams should also have strong psychological safety and a collective purpose.

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Building psychological safety

Workplace trust and psychological safety are the strongest proven indicators of team effectiveness. Explore the relationships between trust and psychological safety, and how to encourage psychological safety at work.

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Building trusting relationships

Building trusting relationships at work is critical to engagement, productivity and overall health and satisfaction.

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Career conversations

Whether you’re a manager or a team member, having focused and open career conversations can really help to construct great professional pathways.

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Challenging conversations

Even confident employees find themselves having challenging conversations that they find difficult to navigate.

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Coaching conversations

More organisations are moving to encouraging managers to have regular and informal coaching conversations. The research shows this has a positive impact on performance

It's hard to narrow down all it’s good points. The warm, welcoming nature of the coach helped right from the start. There was a lot of good information, new ways to think about the interactions during training and how to better use available tools.

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