1:1 meetings

Running effective 1:1 meetings can improve workplace relations, boost performance, improve employee engagement and satisfaction, and increase retention.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Improved workplace relations — regular 1:1 meetings provide opportunity for managers and their team members to connect, exchange feedback, and build strong working relations. 
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction — making time for regular, meaningful 1:1 meetings makes employees feel valued, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction across the organisation. 
  • Delivery of goals and KPIs — 1:1 meetings that include conversations around goal-setting, feedback and personal development lead to enhanced team performance and the delivery of goals and KPIs.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand how to set the cadence and tone of their 1:1 meetings dependent on the individual needs of their team members. 
  • Learn to use a structured yet flexible approach to their conversations that creates meaningful dialogue and promotes connection, employee engagement, and performance. 
  • Know best practice for following-up and taking action after a 1:1 meeting. 
  • Commit to actionable steps they will take to run more effective 1:1 meetings with their direct reports. 

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

In today’s dynamic workplace, effective 1:1 meetings between managers and their direct reports are crucial for fostering a culture of openness, learning and performance. When done well, they are the most valuable meeting in everyone’s calendar. However, they’re not always easy to get right.
These regular conversations should allow for an exchange of candid feedback, setting and checking in on goals, and addressing individual challenges, so that employees feel both empowered and supported.

This requires a psychologically safe environment in which both managers and their direct reports feel able to share ideas and concerns in a meaningful and productive way. 

This workshop helps managers to master the art of running meetings with individuals that allow them to both connect with their direct reports and challenge them in a way that leads to improved outcomes for everyone. They will learn how to use one-on-one meetings to unlock the full potential of their team, ensuring that each member feels heard, valued, and motivated. Managers will be equipped with the strategies and skills needed to conduct meaningful and productive 1:1 meetings, laying the groundwork for improved team performance and organisational success.  

Who will benefit?

New employee with a tight smile on his first day being onboarded into his new role.

New managers

leading a team for the first time and wanting to learn how to run effective 1:1 meetings. 

Experienced managers

who want to improve communication and make their one-on-one meetings more valuable for them and their team members.

Experienced female senior leader smiles happily.

Team Leaders

who are keen to develop their skills and make their 1:1 meetings more valuable for them and their team members.

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