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Accessible virtual training

Different learning requirements and neurodiversity amongst your learners, requires careful consideration in how you provide virtual training. Accessible virtual training ensures your learning is as accessible for all learners, whatever their needs, wherever possible.

Max 8 participants
120 mins


On your business

  • Align with your DE&I policy to ensure you are offering accessible virtual training
  • Create a reputation for your L&D team for being inclusive, adaptable and open for all.
  • Improve engagement as learners will become aware that every training you offer is more accessible than ever.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Upskill yourself on the range of requirements your participants might have including physical accessibility, learning differences and neurodiversity.
  • Learn how to adjust your design of learning and materials to make them more accessible for participants.
  • Create psychological safety in your learning events to curate accessible virtual training for all of your learners accounting for their individual needs.
  • Discover how to connect with learners prior to the training so you can make appropriate provision where possible to make your learning more accessible.
  • Feel more confident in how to engage with your participants across a range of learning diversities.

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Want to know more?

You are no doubt doing lots of great work to make your organisation an inclusive place to work for everyone.  How are you ensuring that you develop accessible virtual training that caters for the different needs of your diverse workforce?

Different learning requirements and neurodiversity amongst your learners demands careful consideration in how you provide virtual training to ensure your create accessible virtual training for everyone wherever possible.

This masterclass will enable your L&D team to make use of accessibility features that aren’t always as easy to implement in a face-to-face environment as they are in a virtual learning space. They will explore practical design and delivery techniques to use , both before and during a virtual workshop or programme, to create accessible virtual training and make it as enjoyable for as many people as possible.

Who will benefit?

man with glasses working

Learning designers

needing to make the structure and design of workshops and programmes more accessible.

Corporate trainer smiles in a relaxed way holding glasses


who are delivering content for a range of learners wanting to make it as inclusive as possible.

lady with laptop and glasses

L&D managers

looking to establish best practice in having an accessible and inclusive learning approach.

Want to learn more?

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