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AI for instructional design

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, AI presents unparalleled opportunities to revolutionise learning design. This masterclass empowers instructional designers to harness AI, enhancing creativity and efficiency in their design processes.

Max 8 participants
180 mins


On your business

  • Increased productivity Using AI for instructional design will speed up design outputs, freeing time for more strategic and creative thinking.
  • Enhanced learning experiences Use AI tools to provide new ways to design and produce more innovative and engaging learning experiences.
  • Innovation in design Encourage a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in learning design by integrating cutting-edge AI tools.
  • Responsible AI use Ensure the application of AI in learning design is ethical, transparent, and inclusive, aligning with organisational values and learner needs.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand how AI works and the potential of integrating it into learning design.
  • Enhance creativity and efficiency by using AI tools to boost creative processes and speed up design approaches.
  • Practical understanding of how to use AI for design through streamlined prompt-engineering and best practices.
  • Ability to apply their techniques in real time to current design challenges.

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Want to know more about AI for instructional design?

This masterclass is designed to address the growing need for instructional designers to adapt and thrive in an environment increasingly influenced by AI technologies. As learning landscapes evolve, organisations can leverage these advancements to remain competitive and enhance learner engagement. This masterclass provides the tools and knowledge needed to integrate AI into learning design, transforming how content is created, delivered and experienced.

This masterclass aims to bridge the gap between current instructional design practices and the potential unlocked by AI.

It exists to empower designers to use AI for creativity and efficiency, ensuring they can produce higher-quality learning experiences faster. Participants will learn how to streamline their design work, enhance their creative output, and address organisational needs for scalable, adaptive learning solutions.
Each organisational L&D team has it’s own unique needs when it comes to AI.  We will further tailor the design and delivery of this masterclass to align with your current design projects and the AI tech available to you.

Who will benefit?

man with glasses working

Instructional designers

looking to advance their skills further in creativity and productivity through AI.

girl holding laptop

L&D professionals

with an influence on the design and content of learning experiences.

lady with laptop and glasses

Heads of L&D teams

with an interest in overseeing a forward-thinking team embracing new tech.

Want to learn more?

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