Being an effective meeting participant

Engaging and efficient meetings can be a powerful workplace tool for collaborating, building relationships, sharing feedback, making key decisions and more. So, it’s important that we know how to be an effective meeting participant, contribute and make every minute count!

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • More productive meetings — Being an effective meeting participant ensures that everyone is fully prepared for the meetings they attend, they’re more likely to stay on track and keep a laser beam focusing on outcomes so that company goals can be met.
  • Increased innovation — by helping all attendees to feel confident contributing in meetings, more diverse voices and opinions can be heard leading to greater creativity and innovation.
  • Enhanced outcomes from meetings — by equipping people with an understanding of different meeting formats and the skills to help drive engagement and contribution, meeting outcomes can be enhanced in any setting.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Gain a stronger appreciation of the value of collaborative time and the purpose of meetings, allowing them to be more mindful of the meetings they attend and avoid wasted time.
  • Know how to prepare for different types of meetings, so they can participate fully and contribute in a meaningful way.
  • Understand what they can do to drive more productive and engaging interactions during workplace meetings.
  • Know how to make relevant and timely meeting contributions, so that everyone’s time is well spent.
  • Feel confident when contributing to in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings, considering purpose, audience, structure, meeting processes and expectations.

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Want to know more?

Meetings can be a powerful workplace tool for collaborating, building relationships, sharing feedback, making key decisions and more.

However, they can take up a sizeable chunk of our time and sometimes become a source of frustration. As flexible, remote and hybrid working continues to grow, it’s important that we understand how to be mindful of the time we spend in meetings so that we make the most of this collaborative time and be an effective meeting participant.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to set themselves up for meeting success, considering in-person, virtual and hybrid setups.

They will explore the importance of meeting expectations and consider how they can contribute to building engagement in the meetings they attend and be more effective. They will also consider what actions they can take to keep meetings on track, so that they stay focused on outcomes and avoid wasted time.

Throughout, participants will have the opportunity to apply learning to the meetings they attend on a regular basis and identify actions they can take to make their meetings matter going forward and be an effective meeting participant.

Who will benefit?

Young female wearing a shirt at a tidy desk

Graduates and new starters

who want to contribute to the meetings they attend in a meaningful way.

Team members working together

Team members

who are keen to make the meetings they attend more valuable for everyone and avoid wasted time.

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