Collaboration has always been considered a vital skill in the workplace, and with the evolution of remote and hybrid working it's become even more important. This workshop helps participants to understand the foundations of successful collaboration, and explore how they can collaborate with purpose to enjoy results that benefit everyone.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Increased efficiency and productivity – Participants will discover how effective collaboration can contribute to a more efficient and productive workflow and a more accountable and engaged workforce. 
  • Highlight diverse perspectives within the organisation – Participants will learn how working together can make use of their various backgrounds and experiences to uncover unexplored perspectives. 

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Gain an understanding of the foundations of successful collaboration including principles, best practices, how it differs from consultation, benefits and barriers. 
  • Explore where opportunities for collaborative communication lie. 
  • Discover practical tips and collaborative decision-making approaches for facilitating a collaborative discussion in meetings. 
  • Gain awareness of the dangers and pitfalls of over-collaboration.

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Want to know more?

With the evolution of remote and hybrid working, collaboration has become even more important, as organisations navigate new team dynamics and ways of working. In fact, 75% of employees rank team work and collaboration as being ‘very important’ to them. There are many benefits to workplace collaboration, and fostering a culture where individuals are encouraged to work together and express their opinions can help businesses to flourish. 

This workshop helps participants to understand the foundations of successful collaboration and explore how they can collaborate with purpose to enjoy results that benefit everyone. This workshop will also consider the dangers and pitfalls of over-collaboration and guide participants towards ways of working that will enable them to have truly collaborative discussions in their team. 

Who will benefit?

New employee with a tight smile on his first day being onboarded into his new role.

New joiners

Looking to understand how to effectively collaborate in their new role. 

Team members working together

Team members

Who want to collaborate more successfully with other people in their team, or with people in the wider organisation.

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket


Looking to further understand how to support their team members to collaborate more effectively. 

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