Communication fundamentals

This workshop explores what is at the heart of great communication. Whether participants want to communicate better with colleagues, stakeholders, clients or suppliers, they can improve the quality of their communication. This is a practical workshop with lots of communication opportunities.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Improved client relations and satisfaction by understanding the fundamentals of communication, interactions with clients are maximised, and ideas portrayed clearly and effectively. 
  • Enhanced cooperation and teamwork throughout the organisation when people communicate effectively, it allows ideas and visions to be relayed in a more appropriate manner, ensuring everyone feels as though they are “on the same page”. 
  • Greater workplace relations by breaking down the barriers towards communication, fewer misunderstandings happen, and the workplace becomes a much more open and candid environment, ensuring employees feel understood and heard. 

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand communication fundamentals, the challenges and how to address them. 
  • Get an insight into miscommunication and gain tips on how to avoid this. 
  • Know how to adapt communication skills to flex for a virtual and F2F environment. 
  • Identify types of listening filters, and take steps to use the most appropriate filter for different scenarios. 
  • Use a range of question modes to demonstrate interest and build rapport with others. 
  • Know how to apply communication fundamentals to take steps to improve rapport-building, listening, and virtual communication in the future. 

Learning activities

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Effective communication is made up of several fundamental building blocks. It is vital for the success of both individuals and companies, so its imperative teams ensure that they get these fundamentals right. By building communication skills, team members can get more out of their interactions with others and enjoy better relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, clients, and suppliers. 
Communication isn’t just in the words we speak; listening makes up a vital component of effective communication.

In this virtual workshop, participants will explore the nuts and bolts of communication fundamentals. Discussions will focus on how to understand the implications of the finer points of verbal and non-verbal communication, while exploring the communication challenges we may face in the workplace and how these can lead to miscommunication. These skills can then be applied in both a face-to-face and virtual environment. 

Who will benefit?

Young female wearing a shirt at a tidy desk


this workshop is commonly offered as part of a targeted graduate programme providing a foundation for other workshops.

Young male with an enthusiastic smile

Early careers

and others less familiar with a corporate environment will enjoy learning the basics of communication, not only verbal and written but also the nuances between virtual and face-to-face interactions.

Excellent and philosophical discussion.

Communication fundamentals participant

I learned a new skill that I would like to incorporate in my everyday communication.

Communication fundamentals participant

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