Confidence and presence

Confidence and presence are inseparably linked. This workshop will explore the importance of feeling confident and how it can impact our perception of an individual’s presence. Participants will also learn how to adjust their presence levels to suit different situations.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Enhanced productivity – when organisations help team members build confidence and presence, they feel more sure of their abilities at work, leading to greater success and productivity.  
  • Greater employee satisfaction – team dynamics are improved because of members being able to adjust their presence levels appropriately, facilitating a healthier working environment.  
  • Increased creativity and innovation – creativity throughout the organisation is increased, due to team members gaining the confidence they need to put forward their own ideas and perspectives. 

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand what the barriers are to confidence and presence. 
  • Take more control of their presence, and be able to dial their presence levels up or down to suit the situation. 
  • Recognise the different ways that imposter syndrome can present itself. 
  • Know how to enhance the factors that boost their confidence and minimise blockers to these. 

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When we feel confident and present, we’re in the best position to manage our level of presence. It can be dialled up or down depending on what the situation calls for. Get it right and any interaction will be mastered! Get it wrong and the message is in danger of falling flat. How teams think, feel and their level of confidence can be the make or break as to whether the members feel proud of how they represented themselves in each situation. 
The workshop will explore the importance of feeling confident and how

this can impact other’s perception of an individual’s presence, as well as how the way they think enables us to adjust their presence levels to suit different situations. Participants will focus on imposter syndrome, and how this may present itself in different guises, as well as examining which are most likely to impact them. They will learn tools to build upon the factors that increase their confidence already, enabling them to take away strategies to bolster their mindset and allow them to be confident and ready to approach the challenges of day-to-day work. 

Who will benefit?

Female smiling broadly at her promotion to new manager

New managers

who want to be able to correctly manage their level of presence in order to have the best possible interactions with their team.

Team members working together

Team members

who want to feel more confident in their interactions with their peers and senior team members. 

Female business development manager smiles

Customer facing individuals

who want to be able to appropriately adjust their presence levels to meet the different situations they may encounter and feel more confident in the various interactions they may have.  

Made me think about things that could help further my career.

Confidence and prescence participant

Provides a deeper understanding of the topic.

Confidence and prescence participant

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