Decision making 

Each of your employees are making around 35,000 decisions every day. These are a mix of subconscious routine ones and more complex, significant ones. This workshop helps participants understand their decision making processes to improve the decisions they make.

Max 15 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Improved efficiency – employees will know how to make decisions more efficiently, increasing the delivery of positive business outcomes to the benefit of all concerned stakeholders. 
  • Increased autonomy – employees will be able to make better decisions for themselves, allowing for greater autonomy and saving on time and resource across the organisation. 
  • Protect business interests – employees will be less likely to make poor decisions, reducing the risk of loss of finance, time or other resources and protecting business interests. 

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Be aware of the different approaches to decision making and the benefits and limitations of these approaches. 
  • Be aware of common decision-making traps and how to avoid them. 
  • Understand the science behind the psychology of decision making and feel confident in applying their knowledge to future decisions in order to decide on the most appropriate decision-making process for their given circumstances. 
  • Understand the importance of the consideration of all major stakeholders when undertaking a decision that affects others. 
  • Have the knowledge and confidence to make better decisions and avoid making bad decisions. 

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Want to know more?

We make thousands of decisions every day, often without realising. But some decisions have greater significance than others, requiring increased cognitive load to process and get right. In the workplace, decisions are often critical to successful business goals and outcomes, so the importance of getting them right cannot be understated.  

This workshop will see participants gain an understanding of how and why they make the decisions they do, exploring the science behind the psychology of decision making.

Participants will also reflect on the common traps they face when making decisions, how to mitigate against them and consider the impact of poor decision making and indecisiveness.

Further to this, participants will also learn a method for applying structure to their decision-making process in a way that considers and values the input of and impact on others, ensuring that future decisions are taken with a holistic approach, and empowering them to make better decisions, more efficiently. 

Who will benefit?

A team of different people looking happy together

Team members

seeking to work with greater autonomy and relieve pressures on their management team 

High performing individual smiles wearing a black t-shirt and glasses

First time managers

eager to develop the skills they need to make better decisions in their new role. 

Female smiling broadly at her promotion to new manager

Project managers

seeking to deliver on project outcomes through good and timely decision making. 

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