Delivering presentations virtually

Presenting in a virtual environment is on the increase and requires additional skills compared to in-person ones. This workshop helps participants with the quality of their presentations virtually by developing a number of new skills to keep audience attention and deliver key messages.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Boosts customer engagement – by delivering presentations virtually in a way that can captivate and hold client’s attention
  • Increases company reach – being able to deliver presentations virtually means that organisations are not limited by travel barriers, ensuring the company can reach out to clients on a global scale. 
  • At the forefront of the virtual world the ability to deliver information virtually is a skill that is becoming increasingly more important-by ensuring that they are the best equipped to adapt to this, organisations are maximising their chances at being at the forefront of this new way of communicating.  

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand the additional set of skills required for effectively delivering presentations virtually
  • Recognise that creating engagement in virtual presentations is critical to maintaining an audience’s attention. 
  • Begin designing virtual presentations that will hold their audience’s attention by starting with the end in mind and keeping a laser-focus on outcomes. 
  • Use virtual body language to establish presence and set the virtual stage. 
  • Practice using virtual engagement techniques including our 1-2-3-4 process for initiating conversation. 
  • Identify actions they can take to further improve their skills for delivering presentations virtually.

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

As flexible working increases and technology enables more remote working, delivering presentations virtually is becoming a key workplace skill. 
Whether participants are managing a remote or hybrid team, pitching to clients, delivering virtual onboarding, making the switch to virtual training, or simply participating in virtual or hybrid meetings, becoming upskilled in this area is invaluable.

Delivering presentations virtually can be intimidating, but with the right tools it can be a powerful skill for interaction and collaboration in an increasingly online working world. This workshop will help participants to develop their ability to present in a virtual space – a critical skill to master! 

Who will benefit?

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket


who are looking to improve their approach to planning and facilitation in meetings. 

Team members working together

Team members

who have moved to hybrid working or who are looking to improve their virtual presentation design and delivery. 

Want to learn more?

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