Goal setting

In a world driven by change and progress, goal setting is a crucial process for individuals and organisations alike. Goal setting can help focus our plans for learning, growth and development and support us to get where we need to go! This workshop teaches participants how to set meaningful and stretching goals for themselves and others.

Max 15 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Improved employee performance – employees are able to set meaningful and stretching goals that drive their performance and increase productivity and effectiveness across the organisation.  
  • Increased employee happiness – employees are better able to monitor their progress against demonstrable goals, contributing to higher levels of engagement, motivation and workplace happiness. 
  • Overall growth throughout the organisation – employees understand how to set SMART-er goals for themselves and others that help to drive their development in line with the wider growth plans of the organisation. 

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand that the process of goal setting should be an ongoing one to allow for regular check-ins and adjustments and be able to take pro-active steps to treat it as such. 
  • Understand that SMART-er goals can help to break down and measure complex goals more effectively. 
  • Set SMART-er goals that are appropriately challenging and offer stretch without strain. 
  • Undertake best practice in maintaining and achieving goals. 

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Want to know more?

Goal setting can help focus our plans for learning, growth and development and support us to get where we need to go! We’re more likely to achieve our goals if we’re invested in them, yet many of us rely on other people setting them for us as part of a personal development plan or annual review process. 
This virtual workshop supports participants to learn how to set meaningful and stretching goals for themselves and others.  

Importantly, this workshop shows participants how to set goals that form part of regular discussions and updates throughout the year, positioning goal setting as an ongoing process and not one to be forgotten between review periods.   
Finally, participants will have the opportunity to apply learning to your own goals, so that you are fully equipped with the tools you need to start setting meaningful goals in the workplace. 

Who will benefit?

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket

Managers and Team Leaders

who have responsibility for the professional development of others or are looking to set SMART-er goals within their teams which can have a measurable impact on team motivation, productivity and performance.

Team members working together

Team Members

who are looking to set SMART-er goals for themselves as part of formal or informal professional development planning and processes.

Overall excellent course, well presented.

Goal setting participant

Helped me as I prepare to set new goals for myself and my team.

Goal setting participant.

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