How to succeed as a remote or hybrid worker

In an increasingly virtual world, shifting to more remote ways of working has been vital. Remote and hybrid working can have many benefits- but it can also come with challenges too! This workshop will explore the benefits and challenges of hybrid & remote working and the tools to establish work routines and disciplines for participants and their teams.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Get the most out of online methods of working – by ensuring workers are upskilled to better manage their workflow when working remotely, the time spent online is used productivity and effectively.
  • Greater wellbeing understanding the importance of and developing a healthy work life balance immediately boosts wellbeing, reducing feelings of burn out and exhaustion.
  • Promote engagement by understanding the challenges that come with remote and hybrid working, such as those of equity and equality, steps can be put in place to overcome these and remove the barriers employees may have to being able to engage and work effectively.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand the benefits and challenges to hybrid working, including those around equity and equality.
  • Have the tools to begin establishing ways of working and working disciplines for themselves and their team.
  • Understand how to protect their wellbeing when working in a hybrid way.
  • Identify ways of working and working disciplines that they could establish or improve.
  • Take practical steps to better manage the balance of hybrid working and maintain their own personal wellbeing.

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In an increasingly virtual world, shifting to more remote ways of working has been vital. Remote and hybrid working can have many benefits- but it can also come with challenges too! When working virtually it can be hard to draw the line between work and home life or fall into bad working habits. The stresses of work can impinge on everyday wellbeing, and lead to feelings of burnt-out. By putting in steps to mitigate this, both productivity and the wellbeing of the team is boosted while. So, what are the skills needed to not only survive, but thrive, in a hybrid or remote working environment?

The workshop will begin by discussing the benefits and challenges of remote or hybrid working, alongside exploring the difference between equality and equity, and how it may be difficult to establish these in a remote or hybrid team. 

The conversation then focuses on the different ways of working, identifying the importance of these in maintaining motivation and productivity within a hybrid or remote setting. Through exploring the concept of working disciplines, and how they are key to the success of mastering remote working, team members are equipped with the tools to better draw the line between work and home life. Building on this, participants discuss workflow and receive some useful tips on how to manage it, giving them the skills to ensure they remain productive while working remotely. Finally, they will discuss the importance of a good work life balance, coming away with practical actions they could put in place to better establish a healthy boundary between both.

Who will benefit?

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket


whose teams may be making the shift to more virtual ways of working and who want to ensure this transition is as smooth and effective as possible.

Team members working together

Team members

who want to be able to increase their success as an online worker and establish healthier working strategies.

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