Leading change

This workshop helps managers to lead change effectively. Key areas include planning, engagement and communication with participants working on their own change challenge.

Max 15 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Positive company growth – growth can’t happen without change, and introducing change successfully is key to allow innovation throughout the company
  • Reduce costs – trying to implement change without the proper strategies can be like pushing a barrel up a hill, and is a drain on company time and resources
  • More efficient ways of introducing new company strategies and goals – by understanding the psychology behind change, new ideas and strategies can be implemented much more accurately, ensuring that everyone is on board.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Recognise how people respond differently to change and how, as a leader, it is important to understand and manage this.
  • Understand the specific beliefs that must be in place for change to be successful.
  • An understanding of the challenges involved in leading change, and be confident that they have the knowledge and skills to lead workplace change.
  • Have an action plan for building belief within their team and practical steps to lead change going forward.
  • Apply their learning to an upcoming situation where they will be implementing change within their team, and create an action plan for leading this change successfully.

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

Change is a fundamental part of all growing and evolving organisations, but it can be challenging to lead. Change comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, and everyone may feel differently about it: some people view change as a threat; others as an opportunity. Regardless, well-planned and executed change plays an important role in organisational development and success, and therefore it is integral to the success of the organisation that want it happens in the most efficient way possible.

This workshop will focus on how leaders can make sure that they have their teams on board with change, breaking down the process so that they understand the steps involved in leading change successfully.

It starts by examining the psychology behind change and looks at some of the reasons people may resist it. Participants will examine the specific set of beliefs that must be in place for change to be effective, and the tools to allow these beliefs to be embedded within their team.

The workshop will also include opportunities to apply the learning to an upcoming real-life change that participants will be leading their team through in the future. By introducing a model for leading change, participants can create a plan to implement this to create positive outcomes for their team.

Who will benefit?

Male leader with a smile


who are at the forefront of change in their organisation and want to lead the process more successfully.

Experienced manager with a focused look

Senior managers

who are looking for better ways to motivate and guide their teams through change.

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