Managing change

Many employees are experiencing significant changes at work right now and managers have an important role to play in supporting their team members to meet the psychological challenges this brings. This workshop provides direction in how to manage change, so that participants learn how to support their team to thrive in the ever-changing modern workplace.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Increase enthusiasm and support for workplace change – Managers view change as an opportunity rather than a threat and manage change within their teams in a way that garners support rather than resistance.
  • Protect wellbeing – Managers know how to support their team members and manage change in a way that protects their wellbeing.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Discover the psychology of why change can be so challenging and explore some of the common responses to change they may encounter within their team.
  • Reflect on some of the changes their team are currently facing and consider how these may affect individual team members.
  • Learn how they can support their team to shift their mindset from one of resilience to antifragility, so they can begin to thrive rather than merely survive through workplace change.
  • Understand the important role they play in managing change, and the impact that their attitude toward failure and growth can have on their team.

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Want to know more?

In our fast-paced and increasingly uncertain world, change can often feel like a matter of survival. With the right mindset though, it can become less of a threat and more of an exciting opportunity for growth and development. Managers have an important role to play in supporting team members to meet the psychological challenges of change and learn to thrive in our ever-changing modern workplace.

In this virtual workshop, we consider why change can be so challenging, explore some of the common responses to change and examine how managers can support their teams to become more change fit. Participants will leave with an understanding of psychological theory around change-fitness, along with practical steps they can take to manage change in a way that helps individual team members to thrive rather than just survive – setting them and your organisation up for future success!

Who will benefit?

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who want to develop a culture of change-fitness through effective change management.

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket


who want to communicate workplace change to their teams in a way that protects wellbeing and supports their team members to grow.

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