Managing upwards

Dealing with more senior colleagues or stakeholders often requires a shift in approach to account for different power styles, priorities and responsibilities they may have. This workshop provides skills, tips and techniques that will help employees to develop the right working relationships with their managers and leaders.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Increased company growth – employees who know how to manage upwards and successfully interact with their senior peers are likely to be able to learn from them, enhancing growth both professionally and as well as throughout the organisation.
  • Enhanced teamwork – team members who know how to “manage their manager” ensure better communication between themselves and their manager, as well as facilitating a working relationship based on respect and understanding.
  • Employee empowerment – employees who feel that they can interact effectively with their manager will feel more empowered and valued within their role, increasing motivation and productiveness.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Review six leadership styles and uncover what behaviour drives these styles, examining the priorities, challenges, and motivations behind each type.
  • Be able to use and apply different approaches to manage upwards to get the most out of each style of leadership.
  • Become confident interacting with any senior manager or leader.
  • Understand how to influence the behaviour of a senior colleague and stakeholder while developing a stronger working relationship.
  • Create a strategy to manage upwards which aligns with the leadership styles of senior colleagues and stakeholders.

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Want to know more?

At the start of their career, it can be quite intimidating for individuals to establish and build solid working relationships in the workplace, let alone make themselves heard, especially around higher-ranking people. That said, with the right skills and a solid understanding of power styles, priorities and responsibilities participants will be equipped to effectively ‘manage upwards’.

This workshop aims to help participants navigate their working relationships with managers and leaders. They will be equipped with the confidence to manage upwards, interacting in a way that is beneficial and respectful to everyone’s priorities and responsibilities. It will also introduce them to the benefits of managing upwards and provide them with a whole host of tips to begin managing the higher-ranking people around them.

Who will benefit?

Young male with an enthusiastic smile

Early careers

those who may lack experience interacting with higher-ranking people.

New employee with a tight smile on his first day being onboarded into his new role.

New joiners

who are looking for guidance on how to better manage upwards within their organisation.

Very clear and engaging. It was great, a very well run workshop.

Managing upwardsWorkshop participant

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