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Mastering hybrid training

Hybrid working is the new norm – so it follows that much of an individual’s learning will need to be offered in a hybrid way too. Whether your participants are in-person and virtual, the facilitator is virtual and the learners are in person together, or any other combination – we have you covered.

Max 8 participants
120 mins


On your business

  • Make the most of the technology you have in your meeting rooms to engage both in-room and dialled in participants in your hybrid training.
  • Create an inclusive learning environment for all of your learners whatever their location.
  • Have a ready-to-go L&D team able to prepare in advance and adapt in the moment for unexpected hybrid situations.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Your L&D participants will leave this masterclass confident that they are prepared to deliver fully inclusive learning for hybrid training.
  • Know how to design hybrid events with different options for activities and interaction for every hybrid eventuality.
  • Be confident as a roomie or zoomie facilitator in involving all of your participants fully as an integrated group.
  • Be prepared to adapt in the moment for ‘emergency’ hybrid learning situations that were not planned for.

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

Hybrid working is the new norm – so it follows that much of an individual’s learning will need to be offered in a hybrid way too.  Whether your participants are in-person and virtual, or any other hybrid combination –  we have you covered in order to deliver hybrid training that delivers exceptional learning transfer for everyone. If you are looking to integrate live VR into your learning offering then hybrid will inform your learning approaches too.

The main challenge for hybrid training is creating equity for all learners regardless of whether they are ‘roomies’ or ‘zoomies’.  All learners, regardless of their location, need to feel fully included, able and willing to contribute fully in the learning.  This requires creative design for hybrid training and also specific facilitation techniques.

In this masterclass we cover all situations that fall under the hybrid training category so you can deliver the best experience for all learners wherever they are.

Who will benefit?

man with glasses working

Learning designers

responsible for producing workshops and programmes that will need delivering in a hybrid setting.

girl holding laptop


needing to deliver fully inclusive and involving hybrid training sessions.

lady with laptop and glasses

L&D leads and managers

considering meeting rooms and technology, strategy and approach for a growing hybrid learning population.

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