Performance conversations

Managers have conversations throughout the year with team members concerning their performance, goal progress and feedback which cumulates in a yearly performance review meeting. This workshop discusses the shared responsibility of a successful performance review and the importance of prep work, both for the manager and the team member.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Ensuring the highest standard – by having meaningful performance conversations, companies can ensure that both team managers and members are constantly adapting and evaluating their work to perform to their highest standard.
  • Company growth – performance review conversations are essential to the personal and professional growth of the individual, and thus the company as a whole.
  • Boost motivation – well-delivered performance conversations can be rewarding for both individuals involved, helping to bolster confidence and increasing the drive for the individual to perform their best.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Discover how to support their team members to prepare and make performance reviews a shared responsibility.
  • Understand the importance of performance conversations and the role they play as manager in ensuring their success.
  • Consider some of the traps they may fall in to when rating and reviewing performances.
  • Learn what they can do throughout the year to prepare for successful performance conversations.
  • Have a bank of top tips for making the conversation as successful as possible.

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Want to know more?

Managers have performance conversations throughout the year with team members concerning their goal progress and feedback which culminates in a yearly performance review meeting. These yearly conversations can sometimes be challenging and can often end up being a tick-box activity. On the other hand, if done correctly they can be rewarding and motivational for both the individual and the team member involved.

This workshop begins by discussing with participants the shared responsibility in engaging in a successful performance review and the importance of prep work in facilitating a successful review- both from the side of the manager and the team member.

They identify some useful strategies that they can implement throughout the year in order to make performance review conversations a whole lot easier, as well as how they can encourage their team to prep for upcoming conversations.

The workshop also explores the process of rating – identifying potential traps and biases that can impact their outcomes, as well as the steps needed to counteract these. By considering some useful tips and practical actions that they can introduce to host a productive and meaningful performance review conversation and embedding these skills by applying them to a real-life conversation, participants leave feeling prepared to deliver constructive and rewarding conversations.

Who will benefit?

Female smiling broadly at her promotion to new manager

New managers or supervisors

Who are wanting to learn the best way to approach performance reviews.

Experienced manager with a focused look

Experienced managers

Who want to better strategies to have meaningful and productive performance reviews.

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