Personal branding

Everyone has the opportunity to build a positive personal brand. This workshop helps participants to establish and shape their personal brand so that they can raise their profile and give themselves the best chance of finding positive opportunities.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Ensure companies can adapt to an increasingly online world – having an online prescence is becoming increasingly important in a world where we don’t often meet face to face. Employees who have a good online personal brand are able to reach more clients, have a wider ranging impact, and maintain a good online representation for the company.
  • Boost company reputation – employees whose personal brand is aligned with that of the company ensures that the reputation and ethos of the organisation is maintained at meetings, events etc.
  • Improve company reach – employees who have good personal branding are an excellent representation for their company- within the workplace, at meetings or events, and outside the workplace too.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand that everyone has a personal brand, whether they are aware of it or not.
  • Identify and align their own values with this.
  • Be confident in managing their personal brand so that it is authentic, appropriate, and consistent.
  • Take steps to manage their personal brand and dial up or dial down where appropriate.
  • Be comfortable communicating and leveraging their brand to create impact in their career.

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Want to know more?

Everyone has a personal brand – an identity that creates an impact in some way and determines other people’s opinions of them. It is what people notice and remember about a person, and how they describe them to others. As so many decisions are made on a person when they are not in the room, it is important to understand and embrace it, so that it can be shaped in the way they best want to be represented. It is ultimately what becomes their reputation and can impact the opportunities that they experience during their career.

A personal brand can be a powerful tool. However, unless an individual is aware of their brand and how to manage it, it can work against them just as easily as it can work in their favour. How can it be identified and used to an individual’s advantage?

The workshop begins by exploring what it means to have a personal brand. Participants will reflect on their own values and consider where they may need to “dial up” or “dial down” their brand. They will discuss the balance between authenticity and aspiration and explore what can happen when this balance goes wrong. The workshop will also look at the impact of virtual and hybrid working – how has it changed how a personal brand is built, and how can social media be used to communicate a brand in a virtual space?

Participants will leave with a better understanding of their own personal brand and equipped with the tools to allow them to stand out in a memorable way, creating real impact in their career.

Who will benefit?

Young female wearing a shirt at a tidy desk


Who are wanting to develop their own personal brand to as they enter the corporate world.

Female business development manager smiles

Individuals in a sales or customer facing role

Who want to increase their impact by developing their personal brand.

A team of different people looking happy together

All team members

Who wants to enhance the impact they have both in the face-to-face or virtual workplace!

Interesting and insightful.

Personal branding participant

I learnt a lot of things which I had never thought about before.

Personal branding participant

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