Stakeholder management

Whether part of a formal project or just part of everyday working life, stakeholders are an important factor for managers to consider. They often have the largest influence over the successful completion of projects and work outcomes and need to be carefully managed. During this workshop, participants will explore how to make the most of their stakeholder relationships by assessing their power, influence and interest, and learn how to manage these relationships to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Successful project management – with good stakeholder management skills, projects will be managed to greater and more lucrative business outcomes and solutions, encouraging a culture of growth and ambition.
  • Accountability – stakeholders and project managers will be clearer on expectations and accountability during future projects.
  • Efficiency – projects will be undertaken with increased efficiency with key players and stakeholders identified and managed to their individual strengths and profile.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Have more confidence in identifying stakeholders in future projects.
  • Have the ability to undertake stakeholder analysis, identifying stakeholder power, influence, and areas of interest.
  • Be capable to use their analysis to identify an appropriate stakeholder management plan.
  • Understand the different types of expectations that should be clearly and overtly outlined and discussed with stakeholders.
  • Identify practical steps which they will take to better manage stakeholders during future real-world projects.

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Want to know more?

Stakeholder management can be crucial to the success of a project. After all, almost every great project or workflow is built upon the hard work and collaboration of other people. It is particularly important that those who have the largest influence over, and impact on, the successful completion of a project or venture are carefully managed. 

During this workshop, participants will explore the associated challenges and benefits of stakeholder management. They will learn how to identify key stakeholders and assess their power, influence and areas of interest, and break down the different types of expectations that should be discussed and agreed with stakeholders clearly. 

Participants will also learn how communicating and maintaining good relationships with stakeholders in a way that fits their profile is integral in securing positive outcomes and learn how best to identify and implement their stakeholder management approach in future projects.  

Finally, participants will leave the workshop having identified practical steps they will take to ensure the successful management of stakeholders in future projects and workplace ventures. 

Who will benefit?

Managers and leaders

who play an integral role in the oversight of projects and workflows, and are involved in stakeholder management. 

Male project manager wearing casual clothes looking relaxed and happy with his arms crossed

Project managers

who are responsible for the oversight of one or more projects.

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