Mankind has always recognised the power of a story. Stories impact culture, behaviour and decision-making within teams. This workshop gives managers the building blocks to collecting, creating and sharing stories that will have impact.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Create inspiration – participants understand how to use storytelling to inspire others and increase buy-in when talking about company vision, culture, organisational change etc.
  • Support development – participants know how to use storytelling to strengthen coaching moments and support the development of their team members.
  • Boost client relations and sales – participants can use storytelling to engage with clients in a more meaningful and memorable way and use this to support commercial activities.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand the value of storytelling in the workplace and identify situations where they can use storytelling to create impact.
  • Discover what happens to the brain when people hear and tell stories and use this to develop an approach to storytelling that is based in science.
  • Explore key techniques for telling stories that are engaging and memorable in a face-to-face or virtual environment.
  • Learn how to bring their own flair to their delivery when telling stories.

Learning activities

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Want to know more?

Everyone loves a good story – it’s hardwired into our brains. People who are skilled at storytelling can use them to share a vision, inspire others, impact culture, help people achieve their potential and deliver key business messages in an engaging and memorable way. We all have the potential to be great storytellers. However, storytelling is about more than just reciting events… there is an art and a science to telling stories that create real impact.

In this virtual workshop, participants will learn some of the tools they can use to collect and tell compelling stories at work and beyond. They will discover the neuroscience of what makes stories so appealing and learn why stories are more impactful and more memorable than facts and figures alone. They will reflect on opportunities for storytelling in their workplace and identify an upcoming situation where they can use storytelling to create real impact.

Who will benefit?

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket


Who want to use storytelling to inspire their team members and strengthen coaching moments.

Male leader with a smile


Who want to share their vision, impact organisational culture, or inspire change.

Team members working together

Team members

who contribute to client meetings or presentations and wants to do so in an engaging, impactful, and memorable way.

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