Team motivation

Workplace motivation is critical to engagement, satisfaction, and performance. Through increasing motivation, engagement is also boosted. This live virtual workshop explores the cornerstones of motivation and how they can increase engagement, leaving with the skills and confidence to motivate their own team.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Higher retention – when team motivation is high, employees who feel motivated and fulfilled at work are more likely to stay in the company, ensuring talent is retained.
  • Reduce absenteeism – studies have shown an 81% drop in absenteeism in engaged teams.
  • Better collaboration – teams that are more engaged are better able to work as a team, maximising outcomes and increasing the productivity of the team as a whole.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand the role that team motivation plays in building engagement.
  • Understand how to build motivation through purpose, mastery autonomy and acknowledgement of progress.
  • Identify ways in which they can increase mastery within their team.
  • Ensure their team members have an appropriate level of autonomy.
  • Acknowledge progress in a way that encourages team motivation and engagement.

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Workplace motivation is critical to engagement, satisfaction, and performance. Through increasing team motivation, engagement is also boosted. However, there are often boundaries to establishing good engagement and motivation within the workplace – how can these be overcome and what are the key cornerstones of motivation that allow teams feel driven and enthusiastic around their work?

The workshop starts by identifying some of the key challenges to engagement within the workplace, and how they can be overcome by increasing team motivation. Participants will be introduced to the cornerstones of motivation – purpose, mastery, autonomy, and progress – and explore each of these in turn to discover how, by using these to increase motivation, they can also increase engagement.

They begin by identifying the importance of purpose at work, and how knowing why they do what they do can be a powerful driver for team motivation. The concept of mastery is introduced – considering how they may support fellow team members to develop a stronger sense of their strengths. After all, the most efficient way to develop teams is to build on their strong points.
Finally, they will discuss the importance of building appropriate levels of autonomy within their team to suit individual’s needs. Participants will understand that progress is key to a team’s performance – people feel more motivated when they make progress. Individuals will leave with a firm understanding of the four corners of motivation, and how to implement each principle within their team to boost engagement.

Who will benefit?

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who are wanting to boost motivation, and thus engagement, within their team.

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