The hard soft manager

This workshop helps managers to combine a firm but fair approach to managing their team. It will help them to be appropriately tough in achieving their company's goals, whilst having empathy and flex for the people they manage.

Max 12 participants
100 mins


On your business

  • Hard soft managers will feel less ‘squeezed’ by the pressure from leadership and their team.
  • Managers can have bold conversations that create action and outputs.
  • Managers can deliver the numbers and safeguard the wellbeing of their teams.

As a result of this workshop participants will

  • Understand the context of challenge that managers face today.
  • Assess their management style to identify how to flex to the ‘hard soft manager’ approach, focusing on where they need to be ‘harder’ and where they need to be ‘softer’.
  • Know how to have the important conversations that drive results.
  • Develop a plan to manage their team through a hard soft manager approach — based on performance and the individual’s needs.

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Want to know more?

A recent study of over 10,000 managers worldwide showed a decline of 20% in the quality of work life balance whilst stress and anxiety was 40% worse. This was in just one year spanning August 2021 to August 2022. One of the explanations for this concerning trend is the hard soft manager tug-of-war that many managers are grappling with. Managers are dealing with the mounting pressure from organisation leaders to deliver against targets, all the while trying to safeguard the wellbeing of their teams who are working in an ever changing and challenging world. This is the dilemma of the ‘hard soft manager’. Managers are having to be harder on the numbers and ever more skilled at looking after the needs of their team — quite the delicate balance to strike.

However, this workshop equips managers with the skills and tactics to do just that. Participants will learn how to be a hard soft manager at the same time. They’ll learn how to engage in bold conversations, deploying significant empathy — and importantly deliver on targets whilst ensuring the wellbeing of their people.

Who will benefit?

Male leader with a smile

Middle managers

feeling the pinch of the ‘squeezed middle’ and looking to manage their hard soft manager approach.

Manager with a big smile wearing an open shirt and jacket

New managers

looking to deliver results whilst maintaining relationships with their teams.

Female experienced manager smiling

Sale managers

under pressure to drive and yet retain their salespeople whilst delivering on targets.

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